Product Details
N Series2.0 2.5TDiesel03

1. CURTIS controller, precise operation, maintenance-free and reliable;

2. DC hydraulic motor ,larger starting torque, uniform speed regulation under heavy load;

3. SME AC controller, strong power; smooth operation; side layout for convenient maintenance and replacement;

4. 48V/450Ah large-capacity lead-acid battery,suitable for high using frequency;

5. Wide field of view door frame, improve the safety of operation;

6. Load sensing hydraulic steering system, lightweight, low noise, more labor-saving;

7. OPS(operating presence sensing),safer and more user-friendly (optional);

8. Explosion-proof valve is installed at the bottom of the lifting cylinder, even if the oil pipe is broken, the door frame will not fall rapidly;

9. Lower and wider steps and spacious space can reduce the intensity of driving;  

10. Fully open cover makes battery replacement and maintenance easier;

11. Solid tire, strong bearing capacity;

12. The whole car is equipped with LED lights, energy saving and high efficiency.