Product Details
N Series2.0 2.5TDiesel03

1. ZAPI AC drive system, precise operation, Max speed(no-load): 14km/h; Max    Gradeability (full load)-15%; Lift speed 370mm/s;

2. Load sensing hydraulic steering system, lightweight, low noise, more labor-saving;

3. Low noise gear pump; multistage speed control; upgrade cylinder with built-in safety valve;

4. Explosion-proof valve is installed at the bottom of the lifting cylinder, even if the oil pipe is broken, the door frame will not fall rapidly;

5. 80V/500Ah large capacity lead-acid battery, suitable for high using frequency;

6. Integral welding structure of roof guard frame and body, high overall strength;

7. Wide view door frame , clear vision. Lifting height 3-6m;

8. Good regenerative braking function, avoid damage to the goods;

9. OPS(operating presence sensing),safer and more user-friendly;(optional)