Product Details
N Series2.0 2.5TDiesel03

1. Reliable parking lever, parking lever with lock-up switch improved the reliability of parking brake and reduced the intensity of operation meanwhile;

2. Multifunctional suspension seat, features include reinforced driver support reduced vibration, operator weight balance adjusting, forward and backward reclining, a rear utility pocket, and seat belt;

3. Meter panel optimally located to the right of the driver’s seat, the meter panel is located on the top right side of the dashboard for easier readability by the operator;

4. Single-piece head guard, the front and rear pillars as well as roof are all welded together in a single-piece construction to give additional strength to the entire structure;

5. Meter panel with LED indicators, the LED has a longer life and is easy to read even during daylight shift operation;

6. Effective hydraulic system, with load-feedback obitral and multi-valves, the flow of hydraulic system is controlled more accurately and the working efficiency improved greatly;

7. An amazing 45% increase in floor space by placing tilt cylinders under the floor, this gives a smooth footwell in addition to easy entry and exit;

8. Easier entry and exit from an extra-wide step, about 55% wider foot space enables greater comfort and less fatigue while entering and exiting the forklift.