Product Details
N Series2.0 2.5TDiesel03

1.Hydraulic power system: DC drive motor with power of 750W;

2. High capacity deep cycle lead acid battery.12V80AH (2 PCS);

3. Electric control: the United States Curtis Curtis electric control.

4. High-performance hydraulic station, dual-phase lifting cylinder, low noise, small vibration, smooth operation, high efficiency;

5. Humanized designed control handle is convenient to operate with both hands to improve driving comfort;

6. Electromagnetic and regenerative braking system;

1. ZAPI controller, precise operation and stable performance;

2. Power 1.5kw AC drive, more powerful;Motor maintenance free, more safe and reliable;

3. Standard 100Ah maintension-free battery, 210Ah battery, with larger choice space;

4. Mechanical steering, meet the use requirements while more environmentally friendly and reliable;

5. Wide view frame structure, choose 12#C+J channel steel, safe and durable;

6. Wider driving wheel, longer service life.