Product Details
N Series2.0 2.5TDiesel03

1. CURTIS controller, precise operation, maintenance-free,safe and reliable;

2. Vertical AC drive system, maintenance-free, safe and reliable;

3. 48V/400Ah industrial battery, large capacity, suitable for medium and high using frequency;

4. High performance hydraulic station, low noise, smooth operation, high efficiency;

5. Ergonomic handle design, buttons are easy to operate; suitable for left and right hand operation, better driving comfort;

6. EPS, labor saving; emergency reverse button, safer and more user-friendl;

7. Automatic deceleration when the fork is high, safe operation;

8. Full series of door frame can meet various needs of customers;

9. Fork with tilt function, more convenien;

10. Roof guard, headlight, etc.(Optional).