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Forklift truck common fault
Today we will talk about reasons and solutions of several forklift truck common fault , hope to help you!
1. Severe oil leakage and automatic decline occurs at the return pipe of the lifting cylinder.
Generally because of the oil seal damage between the lifting cylinder and the piston rod.
Solution: Replace the oil seal. You’d better customize fixed ring of the hard iron sheet to cover the oil seal and send it to the cylinder with pliers, in order to prevent waste.
2. Left and right lifting piston rod is out of sync.
This problem is caused by the expansion of the nylon sleeve between them.
Solution: Cut off the nylon sleeve by 3mm, so that there is a certain opening gap to ensure the normal use.
3. Lifting and direction fault
Mainly because the hydraulic oil is not enough or not clean ; or hydraulic oil filter is broken.
Solution: Replace the hydraulic oil or change the filter screen timely.
4. The steering tire is not flexible when turning the steering wheel
The reason is that the positioning reed of the steering gear is broken and the steering cylinder leaks oil.
Solution: Turn the steering wheel in situ, if the steering resistance is too small, we can infer that there is something wrong with the positioning reed and you need to replace the positioning reed. If there is certain steering resistance, but the steering tire is very inflexible, that is to say, there is something wrong with oil seal on the piston in the steering cylinder,then you need to replace the oil seal.
5. Lifting cylinder piston rod shakes during the lifting process
Hydraulic oil is not enough, results in the pump pressure problem.
Solution: Add the hydraulic oil, if still not work, you need to loosen lifting oil cylinder of the return pipe, and make the oil cylinder to drop down from the top position. Repeat several times, so the air in hydraulic line can be fully expelled.